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Artificial Christian Picked for the 2018 Freshman Class @Rapzilla

A Season of New Beginnings It's been one heck of a ride for Artificial Christian and we are just beginning to see the fruit of it all. The 2017 year was action packed- countless shows, collaborations, opening acts, podcasts, and faithful servant -hood to the ministry God has called them to. Always humble but aggressive in their efforts Artificial Christian dropped the self titled opening projec...
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My Testimony [Lyric Video]

Ladies and Gentleman I hope you all enjoy the My Testimony Lyric Video I have ever had the privilege of bringing to you all! This song was one of the most important songs on the SIN IS DEEP project because it set the foundation for everything I was going to talk about later on. It's the overall start of a story that says, "Hey, here's a unique story that isn't quite what your used to, but it reall...
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Rapzilla features “My Testimony” | 16.5K Listeners!

It's so amazing to me, I still do not know who gave my single to them but they have shown me love and the song has reached a hair under 8,000 listens, several playlist/re-shares, and about 400 likes. I have had a bunch of feedback from people thanks to this powerhouse company! Thank you #Rapzilla for your support and whoever put you on to my single. For those who STILL haven't picked up my free mi...
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