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The Squad Diaries pt. 1

For some time now a few friends and I have had a serious desire for genuine friendships, hospitality to our local community, and transparent/organic brotherhood. We all come from very different church backgrounds, schools of thought, and have all too long seen the divisions that sin has created among people. We wanted to do something about it and we did. We began meeting once a week for the sake o...
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Long Story Long

So, people have been wondering, "Dang Conscience where the heck have you been?" I was posting tons of material on my blog and then I went for about a week not posting anything. Well here's a long story long. In the last week I got sick twice. Typically a few times a year my body gets these crazy aches and pains that are unbearable and it usually is accompanied by some flu-like symptoms. When circ...
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Traveling Jeans!

Recently I was asked to become involved with a program at Fredmont Highschool called the, "Traveling Jean Journal". Basically, I was given an envelope with a journal and a pair of jeans inside. They wanted me to read the freshman student's journal and respond with a small blurb about myself along with some kind of artistic work done to the jeans. This was done by students all around Arizon...
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