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Seven J Collaborates with @Th3Saga

SEVEN J x TH3 SAGA Get your ears  ready this is a collaboration that has some serious replay value! Florida artist Seven J- seen on countless tracks with Conscience such as "Blood Red," "Space Jam," and "Notre Dame," has teamed up with one of the biggest Christian breakout battle rappers of our time, Th3 Saga on an incredible song called, "The Way." What makes this record beyond special is the vi...
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My Testimony [Lyric Video]

Ladies and Gentleman I hope you all enjoy the My Testimony Lyric Video I have ever had the privilege of bringing to you all! This song was one of the most important songs on the SIN IS DEEP project because it set the foundation for everything I was going to talk about later on. It's the overall start of a story that says, "Hey, here's a unique story that isn't quite what your used to, but it reall...
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Sin is Deep #TheExplanation

I am going to be releasing an explanation of all of the content, life events, and ideas involved in the making of each individual track on the SIN IS DEEP mixtape. Stay tuned to get a closer look at my creative process when it came to making this beautiful work of art!  
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Lyrics from , “Sin Must Die” feat. A.B (Meet the Emcees)

Song: "Sin Must Die" Artist(s): Conscience and A.B First Verse (Conscience): I rest my case and petition to him. I sinned against Him..again and again// my case had rest when my flesh collapsed, "I'm not even innocent" enemies// He looked at me then I took a knee, then I rest because then I see// what started as penmanship led to sacrifice like, "Yes I need!"// my life was death before I had bre...
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