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Artificial Christian Picked for the 2018 Freshman Class @Rapzilla

A Season of New Beginnings It's been one heck of a ride for Artificial Christian and we are just beginning to see the fruit of it all. The 2017 year was action packed- countless shows, collaborations, opening acts, podcasts, and faithful servant -hood to the ministry God has called them to. Always humble but aggressive in their efforts Artificial Christian dropped the self titled opening projec...
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Conscience drops “Send My Love” featuring Satellite Kiid

M Alex "Conscience" Brown and Wesley "Satellite Kiid" Henderson team up to bring another banger called, "Send My Love". This song talks about the ups and downs these men foresee in their children's lives. You always want the best for your child, but the reality is that we all come into this world sinners and eternally separated from God. Though many parents can nurture, equip, and love the...
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Davis Absolute’s “Absolutes” EP Album Review

Artist Spotlight Davis Absolute leaves earth with his brand new EP, “Absolutes” and doesn’t waste a second to showcase himself as one of the greats. As many of his projects begin, Davis is typically known for grabbing the audience’s attention through more of an introspective drama type record. Where most artists begin projects with light-hearted anthems/bangers, Absolute’s approach seems to b...
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Artist Spotlight | Seven J’s “Down Bottom” project OUT NOW!

Artist Spotlight Seven J - Holy Key (The Z Mix) from Dean Peña on Vimeo. Coming off of his last project, “The Go Ape EP” Seven J has turned the energy all the way up with his latest mixtape release, “Down Bottom.” Widely known for his high energy, infectious ad-libs, and bar-heavy wordplay, Seven J reports the harsh realities of his personal life Down Bottom, also known as Ja...
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Artist Spotlight | Satellite Kiid “Decoy.” mixtape OUT NOW!

Good News Gang's Satellite Kid drops "decoy." This bar heavy word-smith brings us all deep poetry for the raw listener. This ain't your typical listen-and-set-aside project. There's a juxtaposition between this idea of being grounded and over-thinking life. The artist jumps around these themes as he figures his way through life's greatest challenges. This project has it all. With some musical ...
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Jordan Taylor | New Single, “Drug Dealers Anonymous”

The Artist "Known for his grandiose stage presence and unique voice, Jordan Taylor is incredibly captivating. With lyrical depth and an emotionally charged delivery, his message of hope echoes in the heads of it hearers." "Proudly representing Phoenix, his southwest style known as “street-conscience” is not only heard, but also felt. By initiation into rap music through free-styling, he ha...
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Artist Spotlight | GodsSon’s “Seasons” album OUT NOW!

Artist Spotlight It's not often I find myself inspired by my favorite genre of music, Hip Hop.  In fact, many times I branch out and look for other genre's to get perspective and appreciation from Artists who genuinely care about messages and musicality. With that being said I want to highlight a project that I believe is worth every bit of your time. This project is none other than "Seas...
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I Can’t Breathe/Stay With Me by. Pablo Armando

Set your opinions aside for a moment and hear the heart of this brother on this music. Touching song. This is always a very tense subject among people and often times our own agendas/log in our eyes prevent us from carrying others burdens, listening, and going about these situations with truth and love. Just my 2 sense.
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