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After having an incredible year of accomplishment- opening up for Hip Hop legends like Bizzle, No Malice, and The Ambassador the future is very bright for 29 year old M Alex Brown- or as many know him as, Conscience. With hundreds of diverse songs created for his audience, one of his passions is serving people at the highest level possible for God.

Known for his addicting hooks and super versatile delivery, Conscience pushes the envelope sonically to change the landscape of the typical song making format. “Musically I want to showcase a tense balance between harnessing the known and exploring the unknown,” says Conscience. “I think it’s important if you want to do that well you have to have a good understanding of history, music, and culture paired with a brutally honest perspective that only you can speak on.” Being very selective Conscience has collaborated with a hand picked group of local and global artists. Being so selective has allowed him to focus on the values he so daringly holds onto, mainly in the gospel and exceptional musical craftsmanship. He currently has 4 full-length projects available to the public for free and is currently working on a triple album release for the upcoming year.

Some of his biggest influences are Rap, Jazz, Electronica, and orchestra. “I’d be hard pressed to name actual artists I am influenced by,” he says. “The music that I create goes so far beyond the music itself, that I have to be influenced by much more than the music and things going on in my life. I do a lot of reading, listening, and observing and then I begin to live things out honestly while asking a lot of questions. I put that in front of my audience and the experience they get from it is constantly changing for the better. Make no mistake about it though I am guided by the spirit of God and the word he has given me.”

These values come to life in songs like, All I Have, where he gets straight to the point, “I might never own a lot but I have everything/ He (Jesus) is everything so I have everything, yea he’s all I have.” Or in his song, Preach, where he is transparent about his past, “Lookin like Prodigal Medicaid with the elements/ modern day orthodox, cold but with Hell in it/ shouldn’t say it I’m tellin it, shouldn’t play it or dwell in it/ but I’m prayin you cop it peep it and play it for relatives.” His lyrics paint a lifetime of stories and creative concepts. Red Carpet Living writer Luna Starr writes, “His projects live in a space that’s eternal,” she says. “A space of truth, influence, and true art.” (Red Carpet Living Blog, Starr, 2016). As you can see it’s far beyond music itself, it’s about life, what we believe, and finding the real purpose of it all.

With many exciting accomplishments in over a decade of hard work and God-fearing artistry, Conscience spends most of his time in his local context serving his loving wife Allie and their newly born son Miles. Conscience passionately serves his church and community with hopes to use extraordinary artwork to affect eternal change in people’s lives.