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Conscience drops “Send My Love” featuring Satellite Kiid

M Alex “Conscience” Brown and Wesley “Satellite Kiid” Henderson team up to bring another banger called, “Send My Love”. This song talks about the ups and downs these men foresee in their children’s lives. You always want the best for your child, but the reality is that we all come into this world sinners and eternally separated from God. Though many parents can nurture, equip, and love their children as hard as they want- it is a miraculous, gracious, and undeserving act of God to change the heart of a child to love their creator, accept Jesus Christ’s work on the cross for their sin, and live a life pleasing to God. Anything good from people apart from God is not acceptable to God because we are guilty before him for our sin. Until that is dealt with in the free gift of Christ, works (even good ones) are all hell-bound. Most people are afraid to teach this let alone live by it but the bible is very clear on this. Nonetheless we pray that God would be kind enough to change the hearts of children around the world for his glory and their eternal good. 

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