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Davis Absolute’s “Absolutes” EP Album Review

Artist Spotlight

Akande Davis aka “Davis Absolute”

Davis Absolute leaves earth with his brand new EP, “Absolutes” and doesn’t waste a second to showcase himself as one of the greats. As many of his projects begin, Davis is typically known for grabbing the audience’s attention through more of an introspective drama type record. Where most artists begin projects with light-hearted anthems/bangers, Absolute’s approach seems to be intentionally packaged in such a way, where the first thing this project screams is, “HEY, this is deep- this is where I come from, what I’ve seen…this is me”. This approach is admirable  as the first track ‘Absolutes’ breaks down a life of never really being all in with his faith, and then experiencing a pull from God himself for him to fully surrender. As this plot takes root for the listener you really have to buckle up because the project literally takes off into space! Musically this project is super colorful in it’s use of pads and a kind of tweaked out sampling/classical influence. I think what makes a project like this very successful is that the engineering is extremely well done-it has to be. With the array of experimentation in vocals from verses to choruses, a style like this needs to be expressed at a high level. People who listen to this music are immediately gripped by the reality that Davis’s music sits in a space in the music world where he is uniquely and confidently different.

The “Absolutes” EP

It’s not as much of a shock to hear what he’s saying, it’s seeing HOW he says it and visualizing it among the musical backdrop he carefully selects. I remember talking to Davis and he told me that he feels this project is in many ways the closest he’s ever been to freedom musically. He said that being able to work with the production/producer hands on is what allowed the message and the creativity to be EXACTLY what he wanted. There was no disconnect or lack of chemistry from sound to speech in the making of Absolutes. I personally noticed that he has severely stepped up his ability to ride pockets within the music. When an artist has such a word dense approach to lyricism you can often bleed over records in a clumsy way or drown out the production value, but this isn’t like that at all. The blending was very well executed. There is no doubt whatsoever that people will replay this project over and over to learn more about Davis’s story and album concept. I’m telling you right now, IT’S DEEP! This man is very poetic and stands in a class of his own how he creatively puts vocabulary and phrases together with a profound message.

Check out a sneak peak from Absolutes called,  “Last Supper”

The Interview

You do not want to miss the rare look inside the mind of Davis Absolute and his epic release, “Absolutes”.

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