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Artist Spotlight | Satellite Kiid “Decoy.” mixtape OUT NOW!

Wesley "Satellite Kiid" Henderson
Wesley “Satellite Kiid” Henderson

Good News Gang’s Satellite Kid drops “decoy.” This bar heavy word-smith brings us all deep poetry for the raw listener. This ain’t your typical listen-and-set-aside project. There’s a juxtaposition between this idea of being grounded and over-thinking life. The artist jumps around these themes as he figures his way through life’s greatest challenges. This project has it all. With some musical influence from J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar the production value is psychotically soulful (if I could create a genre). The story value of this project alone will draw anyone from any walk of life ears close to each detail over and over.

The replay value is timeless and you do not…..I REPEAT…..YOU DO NOT WANT WANT TO SLEEP ON THIS PROJECT. #FIIIIIIIIIRE

Here’s a single from the project, “one of dem dayz” feat. YQ The Kid & A.B


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