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Artist Spotlight | GodsSon’s “Seasons” album OUT NOW!

Artist Spotlight

Jordan “GodSon” Henderson

It’s not often I find myself inspired by my favorite genre of music, Hip Hop.  In fact, many times I branch out and look for other genre’s to get perspective and appreciation from Artists who genuinely care about messages and musicality. With that being said I want to highlight a project that I believe is worth every bit of your time. This project is none other than “Seasons” by Jordan “GodsSon” Henderson.

The Dissection

Now before you jump head first into this project thinking you’ve got it figured out from the title, YOUR ALL THE WAY WRONG!  There’s a couple concepts going on that I’d like to highlight for you- because it’s small things like this that take an album from story to Epic movie. YES, the album does walk through the seasons of life the artist has/is going through. But what separates this album from others is that the musical backdrop to the story is so diverse. He’ll walk you from dark boom bap to trap bangers to bright soul influenced records and everything in betweenDelivery wise, GodSon coats the album with a harsh, gritty, and brutally honest tone but there are several instances where he changes pace and gives you the opportunity to walk comfortably through his Seasons, both musically and lyrically.

Stand out records for me personally include:

Story of My Life featuring Devin Charles

Babi Boy

Extra Goodies

Without over-exposing too much of this action-packed album I also appreciate the dense track selection- 18 total. Anyone in ANY season can connect with most of this project. It’s crazy- the topics range from self reflection, God conversations, life anthems, dedications, and even questions he wants the people to ask about the world around them. There’s also a great addition of Singers, that each bring a unique spin on each record and help GodSon bring a different angle of feeling to the records. People… bottom line is you must get this project. It will impact your perspective, your taste, and your life for the better. Jordan even said it himself, “I’m not going to water down my content for the sake of people’s feelings it’s going to be real, going to be Raw, and hopefully it is going to change your life.”

Don’t believe him, see for yourself…

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