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My Testimony [Lyric Video]

Ladies and Gentleman I hope you all enjoy the My Testimony Lyric Video I have ever had the privilege of bringing to you all! This song was one of the most important songs on the SIN IS DEEP project because it set the foundation for everything I was going to talk about later on. It’s the overall start of a story that says, “Hey, here’s a unique story that isn’t quite what your used to, but it really happened this way”. I think it is so powerful when we share our stories. It challenges our world views and enlightens us to what God has always been doing- making an incredible story from broken people. Each lyric from this song was extremely intentional. Emotional even. Very real to me. I hope you all can appreciate this video as there are many more to come. Thank you.

Be sure to download the single for free: CLICK HERE.

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